4. UsageΒΆ

There are Select2 and Select2Multiple widget classes for choice fields and Select2TextInput for non-choice fields which can prodive a list of pre-set choices, or can accept arbitrary input.

You can use Select2 and Select2Multiple on any form field, as usual django widget:

class Form(forms.Form):
    field = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=qs, widget=Select2())


class Form(forms.Form):
    field = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=qs, widget=Select2Multiple(
        select2attrs={'width': 'auto'}

Select2 and Select2Multiple is simple classes build with Select2Mixin:

class Select2Multiple(Select2Mixin, forms.SelectMultiple):

class Select2(Select2Mixin, forms.Select):

Select2Mixin is a simple widget mixin with predefined Media class and custom render method, which applies $.fn.select2() method on html input.

To use Select2TextInput do NOT set a choices attribute on the model field, but DO supply a data attribute to select2attrs that contains a list of dictionaries each having at least an id and text terms like so:

form.fields['myfield'].widget = Select2TextInput(
        'data': [ {'id': 'your data', 'text': 'your data'}, ... ],

Select2TextInput will be rendered as combo-box widget that can accept arbitrary input, but also has some default choices for user.


Since version 1.2.9 select2attrs should be of type dict or AssertionError will be raised.

If you want to use it with all form fields automatically, without specifying each field, you can create your ModelForm class with Meta class constructed by custom Meta factory:

from easy_select2 import select2_modelform_meta

class SomeModelForm(forms.ModelForm):
    Meta = select2_modelform_meta(SomeModel)

select2_modelform_meta() is a simple factory, that produces a Meta class with model attribute set to specified model and widgets attribute set to dictionary, containing all selectable fields on model. Every selectable field will be converted from standard widget to Select2 or Select2Multiple widget.

If you are lazy, you can use ModelForm factory to build ready-to-use ModelForm for model with select2_modelform():

from easy_select2 import select2_modelform

MyModelForm = select2_modelform(MyModel)

is the same like:

class MyModelForm(forms.ModelForm):
    Meta = select2_modelform_meta(models.SomeModelForm)

You can also specify your base form class instead of default forms.ModelForm:

from easy_select2 import select2_modelform

MyModelForm = select2_modelform(MyModel, form_class=forms.ModelForm)

MyModelForm is an instance of ModelForm with model attribute set to MyModel, and appropriate Meta class.

There is also an apply_select2() function that dynamically creates new widget class mixed with Select2Mixin.

Usage, for example:

class SomeModelForm(admin.ModelForm):
    class Meta:
        widgets = {
            'field': apply_select2(forms.Select),

So, apply_select2(forms.Select) will return new class, named Select2Select, mixed with Select2Mixin.